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The region offers a unique combination of sea with characteristics of a lake, a mountain covered with thick forests and 9 unique islands, making it an ideal destination for summer vacations.

We offer guided day-trips, starting from May through to the end of October. Our sea kayak daily trips provide a perfect opportunity to paddle the crystal blue waters around Diaporos island, the largest of the 9 islands which is located across the bay, where you can swim and snorkel on some of the most beautiful and remote beaches of Halkidiki, like KriftoMirsini & Galazia Nera.

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Kayak Rentals


Welcome to Explore Sithonia! Your premier destination for paddling advice with the latest kayaks on the market. Offering on-site kayak rentals starting from May until October at our location in the second peninsula of Chalkidiki. Paddle away from the hustle and bustle and explore the unique complex of Vourvourou islands.
Go ahead to Diaporos island for lunch and explore the shallow with turquoise water and clean sandy sea bottom at the Blue Lagoon spot in the Rabbit island.Suitable for paddlers of all abilities, families with kids and group of friends!

Yoga Kayak Trips


Group and private yoga classes are also provided in Vourvourou, at Sithonia peninsula of Chalkidiki. We can offer and suggest different yoga classes (morning or evening), which you can find below. The services are combining sea kayaking with yoga practice in the nearby beautiful Diaporos Island.
Through a guided sea kayak and yoga tour our main concern is to enhance the awareness of the natural world. No previous experience needed and we also provide a free mat rental for each participant. In case you are interested in, please contact us.

Fishing Kayak


Two widely popular outdoor activities are combined into one unique experience to create the Fishing Trip Experience. Paddle around beautiful secluded beaches in Diaporos islands, while at the same time you will learn anything you need to know about fishing.On average this is a 5-hours Fishing Kayak trip including a 30-minutes preparation time and a 2-hours paddling exploration of Diaporos island for swimming and snorkeling.
Approximately 1-hour on-board you will go for fishing and about 2 hours on shore in our kayak base for grilling and eating the fish!

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The Half Day Sea Kayak Trip
Workout Level 6/10
5 hours

The Full Day Sea Kayak Trip
Workout Level 7/10
8 hours
The Sunset Sea Kayak Trip
Workout Level 3/10
3 hours
The Yoga Kayak Trip
Workout Level 4/10
5 hours
The Fishing Kayak Experience
Workout Level 4/10
5 hours
The Amazing Hiking Trip of Mt. Itamos in Sithonia
Workout Level 6/10
5 hours
Fishing Kayak Class
Workout Level 3/10
5 hours
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