e-Scooter Rentals

The trend of the e-scooter revolution has arrived in Sithonia!

Get access easily and simple be flexible wherever you go!

Discover the area of Nikiti and add s fun way of transportation during your vacations with smart mobility.Enjoy the ride of a startup ecosystem we can give you some tips & hints(free of charge) to make your own route safely and always wear a helmet.

Explore Sithonia with style and comfort you are ready to go!!

#Make the smart move !
Rent yours now !
Key Tech Specs

• Ultraresistant foldable metallic structure, for the harshest environments.
• Electric all-terrain scooter with a maximum power of 1600 W, for on-road and off-road use.
• High-durability battery with a 30-km range.
• Reaches a maximum speed of 45 km/h.
• Tubeless Forever Wheels, more resistant thanks to its anti-puncture system.
• XL wheels with off-road tyres, ready for intensive use.
• GreatSkate XL board made of wood that allows placing both feet one next to another for greater stability.
• Foldable ergonomic design with height-adjustable handlebar and seat in order to adapt to all users.
• Double rear disc brake for extreme safety.
• KeyGo lock system for the start-up and key lock.

• LED front panel that displays battery.
• Double TW-LED light for greater light beam during night rounds.
• Mazinger system composed of anti-slip handlebar grips to reduce space and improve its transportation.
• Charging time of 6-7 hours that allows you to have it ready for use at any moment.
• Electric scooter, Outsider DemiGod Makalu.
• Battery.
• Charger.
• Instruction manual.
• Saddle.
• Rear fender.
• Tools required for assembly.
• In addition a Map, a Lock and a Helmet come free of charge

If you want to rent a smaller and more fun electric transport, do not think about it anymore, your thing is an electric scooter..
Located in Nikiti, our electric scooter is powerful enough for a quick commute, yet easy enough
for everyone to ride.

What is the minimum accepted age ? Do I need to carry any additional documents ?

You must be at least 16 years old to pick up a scooter. Presenting a Passport or ID card upon registration is mandatory.

Are helmets required for riders?

Helmet laws vary from country to country. In the case of our home town, it’s not mandatory.
In any case, it’s always recommended to wear a helmet. Helmets, a map and a vehicle lock are provided free of charge.

Can I ride on the rain? Is the Scooter waterproof?

Not really. The E.S. has a battery and lots of electronic components,
and more over it’s isolated, there is risk of water entering the compartment.
Our rule of thumb is: protect the E.S. from water the same way you do with your mobile phone.

What should I do if there is an issue with my E.S.?

You should reach us and as long you have done a proper use of the E.S.,
we will provide you a solution or, if needed, replace your Scooter.

Can I cancel my daily plan anytime?

Yes. You can cancel anytime, but then we will charge you a pro-rated penalty in base our other plans and according to the time efectively used.

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